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As a means of helping people become more self-reliant and providing them with an alternate source of income, SEDS runs Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) for women and men. The VTCs offer training in several job-focused skills and SEDS also helps students gain employment and bag orders to run small businesses.


For women, SEDS conducts training in stitching and assists with small loans so that women can buy sewing machines to set up their own tailoring shops. Uniforms and bags for the SEDS school are proudly created by our artistic tailoring unit, as is all the linen for our hostel. Outside of SEDS, we connect buyers with our tailoring students and help them secure orders to sustain their fledgling ventures.


For men, the SEDS VTC arranges for driving instruction and classes on motor vehicle maintenance and repair. Well-equipped workshops provide the space and resources for carpentry, plumbing, welding and metal fabrication training.


Through the VTCs, SEDS has helped several young women and men realize opportunities beyond agriculture and in the world beyond the villages of their birth.


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